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Возраст:20 лет
Рост:187 см
Вес:64 кг
Размер груди:3
Цвет глаз:Зеленые
Цена за 1 часнет3500 ₽
Цена за 2 часанет6000 ₽
Цена за ночьнет10000 ₽

Outright with its reliability and sincere love of sex. And with such an experience as mine, our meetings will become even more enjoyable. If you spend time with a sexy, passionate and hot girl who is not accustomed to refuse a partner and cares, first and foremost to give pleasure - we will definitely find a common language. I am not only a skilled lover, but also a great companion, so you will enjoy a luxurious rest with your body and soul.

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Возраст: 20 лет
Рост: 187 см
Вес: 64 кг
Грудь: р
Час: Нет 
2 часа: Нет 
Ночь: 3500 
Tender passionate beautiful girl waiting for a visit! For those who want to rest and relax, get a lot of fun and try something else besides banal classics. Long-haired hot brunette with sexy plump lips ready to embody your
Возраст: 23 лет
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Рост: 176 см
Вес: 75 кг
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Рост: 165 см
Вес: 55 кг
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Час: 3500 
2 часа: 6000 
Ночь: 3500 
Waiting for your call